How Fire Ants Behave In Cold Weather

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Fire ant foraging in cold weather

Fire ants do not typically leave their mounds and forage when temperatures are under 60 degrees fahrenheit.  So during these cold temps you are more safe on land with mounds as long as you do not step directly onto a mound.  But always be on alert regardless when in a fire ant infested area.

Sunny cold days

The sun can warm the ant mounds during cold days, during these times fire ants may not be further down in the mounds as they might be when it is cold and overcast.

Stepping on a fire ant mound

Ok, we all know this is never a good idea.  But some may think during cold temps when fire ants may go further down in the mounds that stepping on a mound will not be an issue.  When provoked, fire ants will attack in any situation!  So don’t step on a fire ant mound.

Solution to fire ants

The best and most affordable solutions to ridding your property of fire ants is to call Fire Ant Control, LLC.  This is what we specialize in.  From under an acre to thousands of acres, we can guarantee your property will be free from fire ants.


When fire ants have a heat source during cold weather conditions like a sidewalk or curb they can spread further due to the heat stored in concrete.

How long does it take?

Our products sterilizes the queen, so after treatment you will start to see changes within weeks, but complete control happens anywhere from 6-8 weeks after initial treatment.  In general, fire ant workers live four to six weeks.

Contact Us – Be fire ant free

Contact us now for your free estimate for treating your land.  We look forward to providing you with quality guaranteed service in ridding your land of fire ants.

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